Want To Be Sad? Here are Some Mad World Covers to Cry To.

Dylanna Fisher
4 min readApr 3, 2022

“Mad World” is a beautiful song for when you need to shed some tears especially when it comes to the Mad World Cover Songs. Read more about this Tears for Fears original song below on Switching Styles!!

Introducing This Very Mad World

This sad song was popularized by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules in an emotional version. The original song was released in 1982. Tears for Fears are an English pop-rock band based in Bath, United Kingdom in the early 80s bringing a new sound to the UK. Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith make up this rocking band. They cover a range of genres including Rock, Pop music, New wave, Pop rock, Synth-pop, Alternative rock, Hard rock, Post-punk, Sophisti-pop, Pop.

They haven’t completely stopped making and performing music. Their newest album was released at the start of 2022. On 25 February, Concord Records released The Tipping Point. in November of 2021, they announced a US and UK summer tour starting in May 2022. Check out their website for up-to-date information.

Why Do We Listen To Sad Songs?

There’s a little bit of everything for someone to feel something. These sad songs are supposed to be sad so that we feel sad while listening to sad songs. Sometimes it’s good to be sad. There’s a release of all that tension and built-up emotion that’s been compounding.

“In general, sad music is thought to cause us to experience sadness, which is considered an unpleasant emotion. As a result, the question arises as to why we listen to sad music if it evokes sadness. One possible answer to this question is that we may feel positive emotions when we listen to sad music,” explains Ai Kawakami, Kiyoshi Furukawa, Kentaro Katahira, and Kazuo Okanoya of the Tokyo University of the Arts.

Did you know that you cry less as you get older? The human eye and more specifically the basal tear production slows down as we age.

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